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Sinbex – Startups International Business Exchange

Scalable & Monetizable convergence of established Corporates, Investors and Entrepreneurs has been an elusive holy grail of the business world. The few successes are often a result of personal dynamism rather than a systemic or holistic approach. Corporates seek the finest ideas, latest technologies and business solutions that they can implement and create value for their clients. In turn, Entrepreneurs seek access to markets and partnerships with Corporates & Investors to scale. Investors justifiably seek disproportionate return for the early faith they had reposed and seek the best opportunities.

  • State of the Art Corporate Office.
  • A High Skilled team of IIT / IIM's to work closely with the Startups, Designing the growth model with Scalable Strategy along with achievable Roadmap and will monitor the growth, setting up the milestone to track the Targets.
  • A Dedicated marketing team, assigned to assist in marketing the product/Services of On-Boarded Startups
  • A team of CA/CS to take care of all Agreements and Compliances
  • CFA's to prepare a Valuation Report and Financial Model
  • Business Coach, to prepare and make the Entrepreneur Investment ready along with Assistance in Pitch deck and Investor Pitch.
  • Mentorship

With Our Years Of Expertise Into The Startup And Investment Domains, We Curated The Model To Deliver

Sinbex catalyzes all three stakeholders to meaningfully engage and find synergies for mutual success by providing a framework where the finest ideas are curated, researched, validated, refined, productized for scale and partnered with Corporates. This is achieved through our global centers of excellence where the finest minds work seamlessly with Corporates, Investors & Entrepreneurs alike. We provide these breakthrough businesses state of the art infrastructures, access to leading labs for research with senior scientists, support of thought leaders for mentorship, experts to file patents/conduct valuations/create business plans, specialists to enable effective technology transfers, entry into top platforms for market access and an investor network that supports the journey to its logical end.

Our team is drawn from the top institutions of the world (IIT, IIM, MIT, Cambridge, ISB and INSEAD etc) and works on customized plans with each entrepreneur to achieve rapid scale. We don’t just empower, we co deliver throughout the journey to success.

Although you may find a list of Incubators and Accelerators but at SINBEX, we bring the experience which is the exact need of a Startup in order to make them perform & Deliver.

We at Sinbex are completely focused on measuring the exact need of a Startup to scale them up and grow to an extent till they become a established Organization.

With our years of expertise into the Startup and Investment domains, we curated the model to deliver :

Our Mission

To create an environment that determines the future, by developing a platform that is time saving & adds value to the Idea of a Startup, with great combination of creative teams, innovative solutions and big data analytic capacities.

Our Visions

Nurturing possibilities & fulfilling curiosity.

Our Values

Embedded with 5 core value principles: Integrity Passion Focus Accountability Quality

Our Culture

Working as A Team to Take forward the Vision & Mission of the Company with the embedded Value system.

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